E-Admission Forms - Automating Admissions

A state-of-the-art web based solution for Schools wanting to automate their admission application process.

The solution is developed and managed by Tradebooster, a company having more
than 10 years of experience in the development of web based solutions.


The solution is offered to the participating schools on the SaaS model i.e. it is available for use as a service on demand. The application is hosted on our secure web servers and is made available for use to the participating schools for an on-demand contract period. The service is disabled once the contract period is over.

E-Admission Forms - Automating Admissions
  • Branded Design Interface
    Brand the admission form for your school to match the look and feel of your main website by providing us a GIF/JPG banner to be used on the admission form. This would enable a seamless application process for the applicants.

    You can use our system even if you do not have a main school website. We can configure your application form to run on https://www.e-admissionforms.com/{your school name}.
  • Email integration
    For every form submission, you will receive instant email notification containing complete form submission data. Multiple email addresses are supported. The applicant would also receive a copy of the same data on his email address alongwith the application number.
  • SMS Integration
    The applicant would receive an SMS notification containing the application number. However, please note that SMSs would not be delivered to mobile phones which are registered with the Do Not Call (DNC) registry. This is in accordance with TRAI guidelines.
  • Shortlist Applicants
    The system allows for Shortlisting Applicants from all the applications received. Not only can you shortlist applicants, but you can also communicate with the shortlisted applicants via email / SMS. Kindly note that SMSs would not be delivered to mobile phones which are registered with the Do Not Call (DNC) Registry.
  • Powerful Search Engine
    The application has a powerful search engine for searching amongst the data of total applications received. The same search engine is also available in the Shorlisted Applicants Screen.
  • Configurable Application Numbers
    You can let us know the format of the application number like SA/2010-2011/{auto number}. The {auto number} in this pattern would be incremented by 1 for every subsequent application. This would help you manage your data year after year.
  • Independent School Login
    Each participating school gets a unique login to our system to access their data realtime. Just login using your unique login credentials to View your form, View all the applications, Export data to CSV/Excel.

    If you would like to manage multiple schools from the same login, even that is possible. However, one school / group of schools gets only 1 login.
  • Point System
    Our application is point system ready. Just let us know your points criteria and we shall configure your admission form accordingly. You would be able to view the points with each individual application and also in the exported CSV data.
  • Export data to Excel or CSV
    Export your form submission data to an Excel file. This gives you the flexibility to further analyze your data, create charts, reports or any other data processing not available in our application.
  • Security
    The data of application form is submitted over a 256bit encrypted SSL layer. This ensures complete data security while it is being submitted by the applicant.
  • MySQL database integration
    All of your form submission data will be stored in a MySQL database which you can retrieve on demand from your member login area. No programming is needed; we have done all the hard work for you.
  • Form validation
    Rules are available for most form fields. Required validation would ensure that a user fills out a particular field. No Duplicates ensures that the data entered into this field is unique and has not been submitted previously. Typically this would be applied to the email address fields to control multiple form submission from the same applicant.
  • Great tooltips
    Tooltips is a great tool to help avoid confusions while filling out your form. Put a nice tooltip with a descriptive guideline for each field. You don't want to get useless data right?
  • Customizable redirect/message after submission
    After your users have successfully submitted an entry, you can redirect them to your main website / URL of your choice, or just simply display your custom success message.
  • File upload
    This feature can be used to enable the applicant to upload their scanned photographs at the time of submitting the online application. Multiple file uploads with the same application are also supported.
  • Ultimate SPAM Protection
    Goodbye spam! Our Solution integrates the most secure and accessible CAPTCHA implementation from the reCAPTCHA project. CAPTCHA protects your forms against bots by generating distorted images or sound test which can only be read/heard by humans.
  • Excellent support
    We want you to enjoy total peace of mind knowing we provide the best technical support in the business. We stand behind our software and are committed to helping our users succeed. We're here to help. Just send us an email on support@e-admissionforms.com if you require assistance.


E-Admission Forms - Automating Admissions
E-Admission Forms - Automating Admissions

Our pricing models are very simple and have been designed keeping in mind both large schools and small schools. If you foresee a large number of applications for your admission process you can opt for Plan 1 - Pre-Paid Advanced. However, if you feel that the number of applications would be limited you can opt for Plan 2 - Pre-Paid Starter. The features of the two plans are listed below:

Form Design Fee FREE* FREE*
Branded Form Design YES YES
No. of form applications UNLIMITED LIMITED
Tooltips with Form Fields YES YES
SSL Secure Transmission YES YES
Points System YES YES
Database Integration YES YES
Email Integration YES YES
Price 7500+ 7 per application+
with SMS Integration
8500+ 8 per application+
* Limited Time Offer. Valid till 31-01-2017. Rs.2500 thereafter.
+Service Tax extra.

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